Thank you for your interest in our services.  Since 1977 Holster Management Inc. has been in the Construction and Rental Property Management business and we have been managing properties for other property owners since 2011.  We currently manage about 300 units in the Wausau area and help more than 40 property owners with management of their properties.

There are many benefits and advantages of utilizing our services including but not limited to:

Marketing: We list your rental on our website, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, our Facebook page, and 18 free listing sites through Appfolio.  We also receive many referrals from local realtors who have clients looking to rent before they buy.

Tenant Screening: We take the time and energy to thoroughly weed through prospective tenants to try to find quality, long-term tenants for your property.  Our compensation structure incentivizes us to do this because if a tenant moves out or is evicted partway through their lease, we have to work twice as hard to earn the same amount of commission.

Lease Enforcement: We take the time to explain to new tenants the benefits and responsibilities of leasing with us.  We provide you with the protection of using up to date lease agreements that are reviewed by our attorney and include the latest revisions to Wisconsin Landlord/Tenant Law.

Rent Collection: We give tenants the ability to pay online for free and to set up auto-payments if they would prefer so that they are able to pay their rent at anytime and from anywhere.   Tenants may login to their account to view their invoice and payment history.

Maintenance: We work with qualified contractors who get the job done right.  We also have several experienced carpenters who can troubleshoot many plumbing, electrical, and HVAC issues to save the higher cost of a service call by a sub-contractor.

Accounting & Recordkeeping: We provide thorough invoices and income statements each month so that you have a detailed record of what income was received and what maintenance was performed at your property.  We do not simply give a category and a number (i.e. plumbing - $500), we give a narrative explaining what the problem was and what was done to resolve it.

Evictions: In some occasions tenants lose a job or get behind for some reason or another and we can handle the entire eviction process for you.  We simply pass on the court fees, process server cost, and Sheriff’s Dept fees and charge for our time, but a typical eviction will cost an owner $100-$150 plus the fees explained above.

Fee Structure: Reach out to us for a current description of our fee structure and maintenance labor rates.

Once again thank you for your interest. Please call Tom at 715-432-5733 to discuss your specific property needs and we can provide a quote for services.